Liberal Democrat Budget successes in South Lanarkshire

South Lanarkshire Liberal Democrats hailed success in obtaining their top budget demands of more investment in young people, the local economy, climate change and improving local pavements following negotiations between 4 or the 5 political groups on the Council.


CROSS-PARTY budget talks are set to protect vital local services and give a roughly £10m boost for South Lanarkshire’s schools, economy, environment, pavements and roads.

Leaders of four of the council’s five political groups have been locked in tough negotiations over recent weeks.

The SNP administration and the opposition Conservative, Independent and Liberal Democrat groups all discussed their priorities and concerns for the budget.

Difficult negotiations saw each secure measures they believe are hugely important to residents and communities.

It means a cross-party budget totalling nearly £800m was set to be approved when the council meets on Wednesday (24 February).

Liberal Democrat Group leader Cllr Robert Brown said: "The council budget deal is a tribute to good cross-party partnership - from which the Scottish and UK Governments could learn lessons.

“The Liberal Democrats had three main aims. By behaving like grown-ups, talking to our opponents and making a forceful case we have achieved them.

We secured extra funding that will kickstart support to help children and young people overcome the damage done to their education and wellbeing by the pandemic.

More of the deteriorating pavements in our local communities will now be resurfaced. Our new Get South Lanarkshire Working and Climate Change funds will target vital economic recovery and help protect the environment.

I want South Lanarkshire to lead the country with our Covid recovery programme and this budget is a step towards that."

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