Liberal Democrat Council Group tell SNP – “Stop wittering on about a divisive referendum and put recovery first “

The news that the SNP are making a further divisive independence referendum the centrepiece of their election campaign for the Scottish Parliament has been condemned by South Lanarkshire’s Liberal Democrat group as “a preposterous irrelevance” in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader Councillor Robert Brown who represents Rutherglen South ward said:

“On any view this must be the biggest diversion from reality in history. Are the SNP really serious in putting their damaging referendum before Covid recovery?

South Lanarkshire Council have just approved a budget focused on supporting local people and businesses as we move into the recovery phase. Legions of front line NHS, care workers, Council workers, shop, delivery and other staff are slaving away on getting people vaccinated, keeping them safe from the virus, keeping services working and getting the country going again.

It is now written in black and white that the SNP don’t believe anything is more important than independence. I understand they are even going to put it on the ballot paper for the elections.

It is totally irresponsible for any government to want the irrelevant diversion of a referendum at this time. We have seen how damaging the Brexit process has been over the past 5 years – the idea that this would be compounded by trying to break up the United Kingdom as well is way past ludicrous.

The damage the pandemic has done to the economy and our way of life will be felt for years to come, yet the SNP cannot bring themselves to press pause on their constant constitutional warfare.

My message to the SNP on behalf of the Liberal Democrat group and of local communities is ‘Stop wittering on about a divisive referendum and put recovery first!’

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