Liberal Democrats are on the march again

19th December 202

The dramatic Liberal Democrat victory over the Conservatives in the North Shropshire By Election last Thursday was a turning point in politics, according to South Lanarkshire Liberal Democrat Group Leader Counclllor Robert Brown.

The Liberal Democrats came from 3rd place at the general election to turn a Conservative majority of almost 23,000 in 2019 into a majority for the new Liberal Democrat MP of almost 6,000. The victory followed another major by election victory for the Liberal Democrats in June in the Chesham and Amersham By Election.

Robert Brown said:

“This was a historic by election on any account, with one of the biggest swings against the Government in three quarters of a century – in a seat which had returned the Conservatives at every election bar one since 1832.

It reminds me of the Liberal Democrat victory in the Eastbourne by election in 1990 which brought down Margaret Thatcher. North Shropshire could well seal the fate of Boris Johnson’s Government – and very few people would be sorry.

This Liberal Democrat by election victory makes three important points –

  • There is an end in sight for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives – probably the worst government in a century
  • The Liberal Democrats are back and will be key players in getting rid of the Conservatives
  • In Scotland the SNP alibi that independence is needed to get rid of the Tories is shown up as being totally hollow. Like all Governments they will be voted out by the public across the UK.”

It is a superb prelude to the Council elections next May. I am looking forward immensely to a major change in the political weather then in South Lanarkshire.”

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