Local Liberal Democrats condemn SNP council cuts – “caused by SNP economic incompetence”

1st June 202

The cuts to council budgets announced by the SNP-Green Scottish Government in their Spending Review have been strongly condemned by local Liberal Democrats.

Councillor Robert Brown, South Lanarkshire Council’s Liberal Democrat Group Leader said local people were “paying the price of the SNP’s economic incompetence.” He said it was quite intolerable that local people and local services should continue to receive a reduced proportion of the considerable funding available to the Scottish Government.


Robert Brown went on:

“The SNP are wasting no less than £20 million on an irrelevant independence referendum which everyone knows is not going to happen any time soon. The Finance Secretary Kate Forbes claimed in effect that this was a drop in the ocean compared to the size of the Scottish budget. Well, it may be a drop in the ocean to the SNP – but to most people it is a significant amount of money that should be spent on schools, town centres or local services.

Under the SNP, huge amounts of money have been spent on other failed projects like the ferries, while the Scottish economy has been outpaced by the rest of the UK, meaning there’s less money to spend. Now they want to spend more millions of pounds stripping powers from local communities to create an expensive and bureaucratic centralised National Care Service.

The effect of the unnecessary SNP cuts on councils – against a background of inflation predicted to hit 10% - will be the worst austerity yet and real damage to the local services people rely on – schools to educate our children, leisure facilities like parks and libraries, roads and pavements to get around safely on.

Let’s be very clear. The SNP Government don’t like local councils because they have a local democratic mandate of their own – so they starve them – and local communities - of necessary funds.”

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