Schools and Early Years need a razor sharp focus

Local Liberal Democrats have urged a razor sharp focus on helping young children make up for lost time in schools. Rutherglen South Councillor Robert Brown, who is the Liberal Democrat Group Leader said:

“Schools have done a tremendous job to support children in school and at home over the last 10 months. Despite that young people have inevitably lost vital learning and school time. Every effort must be made to make up for that. I am calling for key supports to help children in early years and primary in particular.

For early years, some parents have understandably decided or wish to defer entry to Primary 1 – but may face a bill of £4,500 if the child is to continue to get funded early years learning and childcare. The SNP Government are proposing to defer this support until 2023 which is totally useless for families affected by the current pandemic. Many children will have missed out on 18 months of normal play and socialisation.

For school children, we need to employ more qualified supply teachers to provide extra support for pupils who would benefit from catch-up support and extra one-on-one learning. This is particularly important in primary school where the foundations are laid. We should be looking to bring in every helping hand available.

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