Liberal Democrats reveal wave of GPs taking early retirement

10th August 202

Cambuslang Liberal Democrat Councillor Dr. Norman Rae has called for the Scottish Government to encourage experienced medical professionals to stay on amidst GP shortages across the country.

A Freedom of Information request submitted by the Scottish Liberal Democrats to the Scottish Public Pensions Authority revealed that of the 136 GPs who have retired since 2015, just 9 waited until the state pension age to do so. Areas across Scotland are losing dozens of GPs every year to early retirement.


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Liberal Democrats call on Government to cancel October energy price rise - saving South Lanarkshire families an average £2004.86

10th August 202

Local Liberal Democrats have called on the Government to spare families from soaring energy costs by cancelling October’s price cap increase, accusing the Conservatives of “stalling in the face of a national emergency”.

The bold plan would save a typical household in South Lanarkshire an extra £2004.86 a year. The 70% increase in the energy price cap expected to be announced by Ofgem later this month would be cancelled, with the Government instead paying the shortfall to energy suppliers so that they can afford to supply customers at the current rates.

This would mean a total estimated saving for households in South Lanarkshire of £289,096,527 off their electricity and gas bills. 


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Liberal Democrats blast SNP Government over “empty” bus promises

25th July 202

The future of local bus services has been a big issue for local communities particularly after major service cuts during Covid. Allowing local Councils to run their own bus services was seen as a major option for improvement.

Last month, Transport Secretary Jenny Gilruth announced that the SNP government had given local authorities the power to run local bus services. This was made possible by the introduction of section 34 of the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019.  

However, in response to a freedom of information request from the Scottish Daily Express, the Scottish Government stated that "no additional funding has been offered to local transport authorities to run their own bus services following the commencement of section 34 of the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019." 


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Time for Boris Johnson to go – Liberal Democrats

South Lanarkshire Liberal Democrats have joined increasing calls for Boris Johnson to resign following the publication of the damning Sue Gray report on the Partygate scandal.

Councillor Mark McGeever, Deputy Leader of the Council’s Liberal Democrat Group, said the public expected its political leaders to meet high standards of persona behaviour. Lying to Parliament had always been a resigning matter for a Prime Minister but this Prime Minister’s behaviour went well beyond that.

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SNP Government care service takeover will waste money and lead to worse services in Rutherglen & Cambuslang

Responding to the publication of the Scottish Government's National Care Service Bill, Councillor Robert Brown, South Lanarkshire Council’s Liberal Democrat Group Leader, has today called on the Scottish Government to abandon its ill-considered social care centralisation.

The National Care Service Bill will transfer responsibility for social care from local authorities to the Scottish Government, and unelected 'care boards' will be created. This legislation was described by the trade union Unite as an "all-out assault on local democracy."

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Local Liberal Democrats condemn SNP council cuts – “caused by SNP economic incompetence”

1st June 202

The cuts to council budgets announced by the SNP-Green Scottish Government in their Spending Review have been strongly condemned by local Liberal Democrats.

Councillor Robert Brown, South Lanarkshire Council’s Liberal Democrat Group Leader said local people were “paying the price of the SNP’s economic incompetence.” He said it was quite intolerable that local people and local services should continue to receive a reduced proportion of the considerable funding available to the Scottish Government.


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New administration demands action on bus pass fiasco

THE NEW administration leading South Lanarkshire Council has committed to helping young people access their right to free bus travel.

Everyone in Scotland under the age of 22 is entitled to a free bus pass. This area has the worst uptake in the country, with a whopping 87 per cent of youngsters missing out.

A week after their new progressive partnership took office, the Labour and Liberal Democrat leaders made clear their administration will order the council to help young people get their passes.

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COUNCIL CHANGES LEADERSHIP - A NEW partnership has taken charge of South Lanarkshire Council.

A NEW partnership has taken charge of South Lanarkshire Council.

Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors formed a minority administration that will have support from the Independent Group.

The three will help deliver each other’s progressive manifesto commitments and pursue their shared priorities for the area. 

However, each Party remains free to take its own policy positions on matters not covered by the partnership agreement.

Both the SNP and Conservative groups are now recognised as opposition parties. It means a change of political control at the council, which for the past five years had an SNP administration.

The newly elected Labour and Liberal Democrat partnership administration promised to set new directions for South Lanarkshire.

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Cole-Hamilton: Do you want local champions or SNP excuses?

3rd May 2022

Campaigning in Rutherglen, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton has today set out the choice in front of voters in Thursday’s council election. 

Mr Cole-Hamilton said that voters could choose between Liberal Democrat candidates who would offer new hope to Scotland by focusing on key priorities such as insulating every home in Scotland, getting new staff into GP surgeries and reforming business rates to reinvigorate high streets, or SNP candidates who obsess over independence and support a national government that cuts council budgets. 


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Liberal Democrats win 3 in Council elections

8th May 2022

Local Liberal Democrats tripled their seats to 3 in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West constituency in Thursday's Council elections. In a great result for the Party, Group Leader Councillor Robert Brown, who was re-elected in Rutherglen South Ward, said

“This was a good result for the Liberal Democrats - with two great gains from the Conservatives bringing us an influential elected group of 3. We also missed  two other seats by small amounts. I am particularly delighted though that Mark McGeever won in Hamilton West and Earnock and Dr. Norman Rae in Cambuslang West. 

The new Liberal Democrat group will be very influential on the new council where again no party has a majority. This situation is good for democracy and good for South Lanarkshire. Liberal Democrats will be discussing with other parties what the best arrangements will be for the next 5 years for running the council and serving the interests of local people. I believe we have the ideas and the vision to provide new hope for South Lanarkshire at a very difficult time for people"


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